I just finished an awfully excruciating experience in Final Fantasy XIII this past weekend. The reason for such is for its god-dreadful 50-hour long sequences of cutscene, fight, walk, cutscene, fight, walk, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, then back to cutscene, fight, walk, cutscene, fight, fight. They could have curved the plot somewhere, a twist maybe. Kind of like Final Fantasy VI wherein halfway through the game Kefka actually managed to cause an apocalypse and destroy most of what is left of the planet. He is the ultimate badass in villainkind.

Enough blabber of silly things, I just started Bayonetta last night. It was fun to say the least. I was supposed to pick up God of War III but settled in on Bayonetta because I am waiting for the God of War Ultimate Edition. Still yet to play I and II, that's why. Although I have been a huge follower of Kratos ever since I heard good hearsay about him. Truth be told, Chains of Olympus was one of my favorites for the portable console. The game really did Kratos justice.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Bayonetta. Oh boy, she is an awesome character to play. I have yet to dwell upon the game's first chapter but the prologue was in itself fun. My only nitpick of it is its movesets. She has about a dozen of different kinds of movement for offensive maneuvers but the only thing I can remember is button-mashing punches and kicks, or a mix of both. Some are even so difficult to pull because it needs precision and timing, and that is not what I have when it comes to pressure. When you have a ginormous beast/monster/idiot clobbering at you endlessly from all sides it is difficult to think clearly of strategy. It's like driving a car while talking to someone on the phone while changing your baby's diaper. Classy. Despite all that she never remains to fail to impress.

Who can resist sexual innuendos coupled with pizzazz? I guess none. Bayonetta actually grew on me that quickly. Here was a man so troubled not long ago because of issues pertaining to it being a Microsoft console port. The optional installation worked out better than I thought, although I notice every now and then it saves and saves again, nothing too bothering to say the least.

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