April Fools

In the spirit of the day where all maniacal fools come out of their caves to wreck havoc unto the innocence of everyday Earth, I am proud to announce that I will try my best to act as imbecilic as I can so as to make an ass out of myself and to shame the family name as, in a lack of worse words, statistically horrible as possible.

I have been introduced to Remi Gaillard and his videos, and through the unlimited sources that we call internet I spent an entire night laughing my bollocks off wondering to myself how he actually pulls all his stunts as he does as much as stupid as they are. Protip: Never use 'as' too often.

He has inspired me in heart to do things I normally would want to but couldn't. Now that he did, I hate myself for wanting to do so.

I'll be thinking of something sinister and foolproof. You better watch out, world!

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