I lost track of time during this past holy week. I cannot specifically recall which particular day I began watching this movie. Was it yesterday or the other day? I think it was the day before yesterday but still unsure.

I struggled to watch the movie, maybe because it was a movie that demands strict attention throughout or miss an important detail in plot. I wanted to finish but did not. Still the movie fascinates me. Much more fascinating is Eva Green's overall persona. My recollection of her past projects were ranging from satisfactory to mediocre. Her work here was noteworthy and left me a wide impression to find out more about her method of working, despite stopping midway through.

Overall the movie in itself was reminiscent of the French movie Innocence in terms of setting and characters, not so much the plot. The thorough absence of male characters was a nice change of pace and less distracting than it should. Supporting casts in the part of students were inviting, endearing and a little over the top, yet still manageable. Special mention goes out to Maria Valverde. The cinematography was subpar, but kudos to effort.

I would force myself to watch this again and hopefully finish it within this week. Until then my rating for it will remain pending.

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