Longstanding fascination with haiku

I have always been an avid haiku enthusiast. Haiku is fun because of its non-complex set of rules. It is possible to create one in just a minute. It's good for wordplaying and mind exercise, making you count a lot with your fingers the 5, 7, 5 syllables. If only I could have spoken Japanese it would have been much, much nicer. Since, well, haiku originated from Japan.

I try my best to inflict haiku pain upon the world as much as I could starting with forums and social networking sites such as my status box in Facebook. The results are at times hilarious and most people would find it extremely annoying but at the very least I get to enjoy what I do. People have yet to complain. Perhaps soon but until then I'll be showering the blissful ignorance of some people with this haiku:

C to Z lazy
That is undoubtedly me
I adore haiku

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