Monday Borefest Monday

I have been sleeping on time lately without any apparent reason and it feels good to come back to your usual comfort zone. Although I have worries that my body is fighting back when I am acting lazily, most usual after waking up. It just feels like it locks up and I cannot return to sleep again for a couple of hours later. I kind of appreciate my body's concern but it is in some way dreadful and annoying, half-realizing that my body is not responding to my own commands. I am a rare coffee drinker, I quit smoking, I often exercise, not so much lately as part of being lazy is, well... not doing things.

I am glad to return to school now. I am actually kind of excited in a way. The weather has been awfully nice recently and I have major control over the bicycle now, which previously was unavailable due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances I have no control over.

I am just glad. Plus I learned how to make watermarks for my photos! Joy!!

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