Saturday 10

Let me introduce you to my new feature, the Saturday 10! Where ten random person/things/whatever I learned over the week are showcased according to awesomesauceity. This is my list, not yours, so I expect some to be kind of underwhelmed, but who the bloody hell cares? Hopefully this feature would go on on all Saturdays, yeah? Let us get right to it then!

10. Cashback

Awesome movie is awesome.

9. iPad

I want to be that asshole in Starbucks with an iPad.

8. David Cameron

I am learning the English politics as much as my mother country. The more I know.


Food for the satirical mind.

6. I'm A Cyborg But That's Okay

Park Chan-Wook's eccentric film about two mentals finding comfort with each other. Rain is in it, so imagine Asian girls screaming while watching him on screen.

5. Malcolm MacLaren

English punk is MacLaren.

4. Adam Carolla

For instigating the now infamous tirade against Manny Pacquiao, Philippines and its people.

3. Alex deLarge poster

I only need a schlapa so I'm good to go.

2. Kefka

I replayed my favorite Final Fantasy for the nth time and almost finishing.

1. Lockerz

Gimme PTZ dammit!

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