Sayonara, Install Other OS

I have just updated my Playstation 3 console firmware to 3.21 and it is kind of disappointing to find out that Sony would have an update solely to remove an existing feature that many a person had paid for. I can understand the company's qualms and defensiveness pertaining to the security of the machine but they are not doing any favors to anyone by doing this without equal justification.

I admit I was a little excited with George Hotz' discovery of an exploit but I never really expected much from it knowing many others have failed trying to do what he has been trying to. Now all of us have to suffer for one man's recklessness.

The feature is not really something I use neither do I bother to have although it feels good to know that something like that is ready and available any moment I need it to. I have a 60gb console and am proud of it. It is one thing that separates the early adopters from the newer ones, as it had been something I shelled money for.

Oh well. Here is to hoping Sony would have something else better in store for us in the nearest future. Sad to think that I assumed the company has been pulling quite a powerful streak against its competition in these recent months only to discover now (and in such haste) something as disappointing as this.

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