Unbearable Lightness

That? Is me. A godawful, trying-hard, easily suffocating Picasa copycat. I just learned a little on how to use this nice application by Google. Makes Photoshop easier. I just realized this required loads of work. For my first time I had twelve photographs that took my entire night just to edit watermarks. WATERMARKS. I suck!! I know, right?

I am finally able to show the internet of the wonders of my uber awesomesauce headset speakers I found waiting for me at Westfield. I bought them for average price. They look like earpieces but I doubt it fits even the largest of ears. My PSP Go looks puny compared to the speakers. I absolutely like it. It can be used with or without batteries, as long as you have USB components to plug it in. What a joy. Happy happy, joy joy.

In this photo I included my LG Prada phone which looks even more tinier than it should. Shame on it!

Happenings today. Hmm. Not much. The girl from my last post was NOT in class today. So FOOK. Anyway, I texted her afterwards and I got my very first reply!! Which isn't really much. Oh well. Who cares?

Tomorrow is Friday. Hopefully something fun finally happens! Oh God I can't ask for anything more. Please let it be fun, please let it be fun, please let it be fun, please let it be fun! Fun with "girl"? Hell yes!!!

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