Too much, too little cynicism

Today I feel like writing my novel or script to-be. The thing is when I lift my fingers unto the laptop it is then that my laziness comes crashing down like a turbulent aircraft waiting the inevitable. Earlier the bicycle died on me in the middle of trying to pump the wheels. Instead of resuscitating it I ended up flattening it. For no apparent reason it did the opposite purpose, making matters worse. It was devastating. I ended up walking five, probably six blocks. The bike was far from convenient to begin with. It was cheap, ugly and annoyingly rock-like, taking extra effort to pedal and move despite having a sort of mechanism that deals with that particular sort of problem. 

I am still disappointed with our household patriarch who is as time goes dragging on becoming more difficult to establish a formal relationship with. I guess none in this entire household is accessible to establish a formal relationship with. Does that make me the problem then?

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