Weekends are the worst

I used to think that weekends are the best ever. It is a time when you and your pals can go hang out and party, waste petty time together and just live your life as you command it to without having to worry with your school or job or basically anything that gets your adrenaline-pumping existence connected to the reality of life. Now all that feeling in me is gone.

I spend my entire weekend digging for non-existent lists of things to do. It is just unimaginably ghastly and naturally uncaring. It just is merciless. I loathe Sundays more. People just basically do random things on this day just to make their lives worthy, when in fact it really isn't. It all ends up barbarically for naught. As for me, I just sleep all of it away, in time waiting for Monday, which majority of everymen just plain hate. I can understand them in a way. Or probably not.

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