What can a man do on a 3 AM Good Friday morning?

Besides having to soak my face the entire night in front of the laptop screen, I was cooking, eating, looking for somebody to talk to and care, went to the bathroom, shaved my facial hair but left a goatee, and finally took a long much-deserved bath, play demo of Darksiders (love it), "rented" a couple of movies, and probably the last thing would be acting like a moron with dad. It is our way of showing affection, if not embarrassing.

I cooked for myself 2 eggs, 4 franks and 2 honey hams. No rice. That shit is evil. I was trying to abstain from eating meat but starting just now would be too late to bother.

I think I'll go out on a bike ride maybe later. Get myself some fresh air. Even a bottle of Smirnoff, heh.

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