Back to nonconformist form

I just re-energized right about now after taking quite a long bath, probably took me an hour and a half. You wouldn't want to know what I do inside the tank. Leave it to your imagination. Or not. Your call. 

I feel like a new person ready to begin anew. Although, there are still lots to deal with inside my own room itself. Sadly I wasn't able to go to the studio earlier today. No hush, some things are better left unworried. Today is Audrey Hepburn's birthday. It would have been very nice to meet her personally while she was still here. I truly admire all her works. She ranks high amongst show business women in my book, probably numero uno. I can't even think of one runner up to go against her. 

Three days straight of listening to Franco and I really felt suffocated by angst and fuelled by desire to become relevant. I can't wait what this can do to myself. Even I cannot say what. Not yet.

Embrace the natural. Remedy is not conditional.

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