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I've been cleaning my room and even my console and the things inside my room as well as my laptop and its icons and the theme and my folders, so basically I did a lot of things. Petty things, probably, but worthy of minor praise. Blame /b/. I've been hanging there for a couple of days now and, my, is it a frightful but refreshing experience. My IQ decreased by as much as 10% since then but I'm still elated for no apparent blissful reason but to shut up. Anyway the struggle is at its full gear still and unfortunately the stupid Studio didn't accept me as a worthy leader of their summer camp. Probably figured I'm a pedobear or something, who knows what the reasons are. I personally thought I did a wonderful job during the interview. Anyfuckingway, moving on, I have to move on in order to move my life which is immovable due to a lot of stupid circumstances, like, everyfuckingthing, but it's all right. I have to believe in something. God, I sound ridiculous. Optimism is such a cancer. What's more godawful is I speak more like a /b/fag now more than anything else.

Congratulations, Cilfag.

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Strange Fruit

I had recently adorned a vow of silence for myself with Miriam for no apparent reason whatsoever other than to suit my whim, and, regardless of the pettiness associated with this misdemeanour, I pray this will only strengthen us both in spirit for the coming days. The coming days are definitely not meant for one such as me.
In the next few hours, not shortly before I am done with this piece, this vow will be disavowed. Miriam is sleeping soundly in my right, broken by the exhaustion that seemed to catch her unaware. This was not what she had prepared for when coming to London. This was not what I meant for her when I asked her to come. In order to alleviate the guilt of me making it more difficult for us both, I do what it is that I do best, and that is to love her hungrily and wildly. And some little bit of swag on the side to cure her state of frustration albeit temporarily.
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Voices of strange busybodies could be heard on the other side of the edifice. Elaine reckoned she recognised one of them. An old friend. Perhaps not necessarily a friend, or not technically a friend. A friend is a rare commodity for her these days. She could walk right past them and not blink an eye, but Elaine waited for a little bit more until the lot toned down. Having a group of opposites around her, poking her skin through their eyes, meticulously making sure she was an enabler who to them an abundant source of entertainment, was all the reason needed to convince herself to back away from the complexity of it all. Home is an awful lot more awful than this place though, Elaine thought, as she gripped her handbag tightly, hoping the ray of darkness from the moon would envelope her and shield her from the attention of the lonesome trail.
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Decide my fate for me

As though the wind may pass with golden steps from shallow graves, the warmth of her hands could not defeat January weather in England, proving that tests of fate weigh heavier than the insidious intentions of a warring tribe. Perhaps it is high time I engage in other methods more worthy of personal consideration. She left me in the cold when my reality cloaked in malady was in full motion, sweating icicles in the interior, punching my guts in gutsy ups and gutsy downs. She was my meaning. She is my void.