A slight, vibrant chill meets him in the old alley where he frequents to that night. It is different amongst all others, he thinks. He has never felt the impact of the weather for he was too busy a man to be interrupted by earthly calamities. He puffs a final one from his cigarette which kept dying on him now and then due to the cold. He flicks it away and the cigarette hits the ground spraying tiny, sparkling lights all over that dark path. Shelly is just behind him, safeguarding and remains alert for whatever purposes that may arise for this situation. 'Anything is possible' is what she always believed in. Her old buddy, Jenkins, could attest to that. If he was still alive, that is. Now she works for Raoul. The world's most beloved criminal. At least that's what Raoul tells them anyway. Raoul has a weird fascination for Shelly. Although he does not mingle much with most of his Everymen, he spends an awfully lot of time with her, even made her his personal right-hand Everyman. She goes where he goes and there is nothing more to that except their professional relationship, or so they thought. Raoul opens the dark-stained door and the creaking sound of the door opening makes everything all the more spooky. But if you ask them Everymen, they would most likely respond by saying that spooky is a term best suited for half-assed wimps that lack the proper vocabulary for most of these improper occasions. Even Shelly agrees with a confident grin.

Raoul steps first inside, tiptoeing with careful but reassuring pattern. He makes ten steps at most when a light shines on to a vintage radio box across the platform. They stop in their tracks and stand still in attention, staring at the object from a distance.

'What is that?' whispers Shelly.

'Beats me,' replied Raoul. 'But I sure don't like it.'

'Must be one of Therin's elaborate plans to spook us out.' she says.

'And here I thought you hated that word.' Raoul says jestfully.

They move on slowly and painfully silent to the right where a pathway that leads to a dimly lit room is seen. The moment they moved farther away from the radio box, an increasing volume of relaxing lullaby was being played from the radio itself.

'Nice introduction,' smirks Raoul.

The two of them steps into the room where Therin lies waiting on his beloved and favorite chair staring into the chaotic movement of fire from the hearth. He smiles in acknowledgement knowing Raoul and Shelly have arrived.

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