Suck is the Word

It's sad that I uninstalled my crappy Microsoft Office 07 earlier today. I expected it to be nice but it ended up to be quite sadistic and annoying. It bothered me ever since I started using it, and now it's finally gone. It went to recycle bin heaven. It was annoying because it kept on changing formats every single time I press the enter key and quite frankly no matter how I changed it, it just goes back the way it was before I fixed it, and so I re-fixed it and end up awfully in another dose of fail. I need the older one. The more simpler the better. I'd have none of this bullcrap shit. This was like Chael Sonnen, a master mouth diarrheist, hell bent on taking over the world with its advanced skills and sharp takeovers. Three minutes left until he's supposed to upset the opponent, he just falls short. That's MS Office 07. Chael fucking Sonnen. I'm in dire need of any writing program and this blog-shit would probably do but I need it for the script which I oh so fuckingly keep on procrastinating. Any help would do, even a prayer probably.

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