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Cachinnate, my mind did so

Exotic sexy fruit
Sadomasochistic brute
There goes my breakfast out the window
Care to join me in my death row

Some nights are pink
Some days do stink
Whatever floats my father's boat
He only rises when it starts to bloat

Smile for the camera
Sweet child of America
The end is nigh
Please choose how to die

Selfishness is the only one cred
Says the woman with a fountainhead
The twist and turns are of no use now
The youth and I both disavow

Good lord money Jesus
The sorrow you touch is but contagious
It lies deep within the well
It signals the ocean with an iron bell

Spread the lands fall down with fire
Complete in package; lust and desire
Nasty was that one prick
As my cock felt like a ton of brick

Count the blessing
Stranger passing
Yellow road
From where I stowed

Your cunt speaks
Like tangerine beaks
Birds of a brood
It's time to intrude

Eyes from the sky look down upon its people
Philip K Dick laughs at the kipple
It's times like these we need to understand
Our lives are but some gloves in hand

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And then...

Four hours and ticking and I cannot seem to be copacetic to the privacy of her suspicious absence. How could I be when frightening tremors had shook their country just earlier today? It has been quite common to read about earthquakes rocking Italy recently, and the more these events take place, the more people feel less surprised about the fatalities. At the moment, I can sit on this chair being bothered by Starbucks personnel every half an hour or so, waiting for updates of Miriam's whereabouts. Surely she would be safe. I suppose my fears always come back to bite me in my arse. This is a farcry from mine fears. Far be it from the truth, I will not let it tear me asunder. She will be back to me soon enough, and then it would not take long before she will be in my arms, singing praises of our love, beneath the starry sky and our duvet. There is this unusual feeling of dread knowing that tomorrow I will be once again immersed into a job that I do not love; a return to form; of bei…

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I had recently adorned a vow of silence for myself with Miriam for no apparent reason whatsoever other than to suit my whim, and, regardless of the pettiness associated with this misdemeanour, I pray this will only strengthen us both in spirit for the coming days. The coming days are definitely not meant for one such as me.
In the next few hours, not shortly before I am done with this piece, this vow will be disavowed. Miriam is sleeping soundly in my right, broken by the exhaustion that seemed to catch her unaware. This was not what she had prepared for when coming to London. This was not what I meant for her when I asked her to come. In order to alleviate the guilt of me making it more difficult for us both, I do what it is that I do best, and that is to love her hungrily and wildly. And some little bit of swag on the side to cure her state of frustration albeit temporarily.
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As though the wind may pass with golden steps from shallow graves, the warmth of her hands could not defeat January weather in England, proving that tests of fate weigh heavier than the insidious intentions of a warring tribe. Perhaps it is high time I engage in other methods more worthy of personal consideration. She left me in the cold when my reality cloaked in malady was in full motion, sweating icicles in the interior, punching my guts in gutsy ups and gutsy downs. She was my meaning. She is my void.