I can already tell that I'll be your bestfriend in this forsaken camp

The whole band of clowns were still glued into their individual computers having LAN parties with Diablo II. Cammy walks over to Jules begging him and the others to help him with his final quest. He got disconnected on the very last minute with a very tense battle with Andariel to finish off the first act. He's so disappointed with himself and his computer he looks as if he's about to roll on the floor and sob. No one, as much as they love to piss each other out, would play a prank on him even. He was clearly devastated and would gouge an eyeball out of the next person to even attempt on making fun on his demise. Rand seems content with the flow, stuck with his own business of looting and simply being in the company of his friends, although deep in his heart, and his pockets, he's well-aware that the money he needs to continue raiding and parading with them will have to stop anytime soon if his wallet does not automatically fill itself with moolah. It's the most depressing factor he despised. He knows that friends are hard to come by without some form of finance. Bree does almost the same thing, but he's too hyper to worry about others. His attention lies solely to the comeuppance of himself among others. His only worries at that fateful night is to become the best there is at what he plays. His character, an assassin, is not popular amongst the others although he is well-deserved as a supporting role. The main attack group they have is Jules and Jay's barbarians. Rand's necromancer seem to serve as filler for another supporting cast but the sheer annoyance of using his skills are simply cringe-worthy. It just annoyingly fills the entire screen full of uber-weakling army of skeletons that he revived from many corpses loitering around. It didn't work well with Andariel. One wave of her poison cloud skill and every single of them faded from whence it came. That wasn't the last of Rand's tricks, to be honest. He still has his bone spear skill that he infamously used to humiliate Ferdinand's edited character paladin. Everyone loved to mock Rand and his necromancer because of the frailty of his defenses. One melee clash with the barbarians and he'd be done for, laughing and dancing around him and celebrating victory over his fallen ear. He was able to trick Ferdinand's paladin by staying on safe grounds whilst his iron golem did the hilarious antics for him. His bodyguard has a mind of its own, and if he so ever gets out would be futile, but he has nothing to lose for anyway. It was a hacked hero in the first place. Hilarity only ensues if he's able to kill Ferdinand's paladin without bothering to click the mouse. So while Ferdinand and the barbarians guard the outskirts of the camp hoping to lay a hilarious smackdown on Rand's necromancer, the iron golem works out his magic, with its bulky mass and heavy exterior, swiftly glides over to the other side of the screen and safeguards his master from harm, does the dirty work for him, sometimes to no avail. If others are well-aware of his presence, they quickly make do with his act and further embarrasses Rand and his skills. Dexter even joins in on the fun and includes his character in making fun of Rand. The funny thing was when Ferdinand was busy concocting something in his horadric cube, most likely full rejuvenation potions, and without even noticing that his character off-screen is being slowly decimated and flattened to the ground by the golem. The alter-ego, the man behind the character, screams in heavenly anger in his seat to everyone's amazement and to the others' extreme laugh tripping. It was his crowning achievement, his ear, which he kept on his cube for all the days his floppy disk remained living. Before the end of the night, everyone went to the server desktop to transfer savedatas and poke fun at each other more, reinforcing the bonding they shared; Rand still worrying about finances, everyone about to eat at a restaurant, awkwardness ensues, and a whole another story to reminisce that lasted through the ages.

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