Fuck the Olympics!

Fuck the Olympics!

Driven out of home of this unusually funny circumstance, greed takes over and manifests itself early on. The revelry isn't even here until six months or so. Funny how individuals anticipate the eagerness of money in it. I so happen to live quite literally just across the stadium and now these said individuals (and agencies, for that matter) are pushing me away to make money off of it. I'll have none of this. I have little care for this event as I am not a man driven of other people's sheer hype nor does patriotism have anything to do with it. I was just fortunate (and unfortunate) enough to live somewhere very close to where the event takes place and where it also happens that my workplace is but a walking distance away from where I am (3 Mills Studios). 

I pay 600£ a month. Too much for even I myself, alone, to pay. Now they're asking for a walloping price of 8,000£ for just two months due to this Olympic thing that I dare not bother. Holy shit! Something there just isn't right, I know. So much for the holiday spirit. I come home only to find out that I need to vacate the place for some people who are financially willing to shell out that much amount of money. If I had the resources I would pay the individual responsible for this whole fiasco that same amount of money just so I could literally shove it up his or her ass afterwards.

Now, utterly homeless, plagued by thoughts on where to begin rebuilding, I just had to vent out this silliness for others to hear. I admit I didn't argue much my cause as there is no need to see fit as to where I stand in this whole issue. I know either way I'd still lose one way or another. It's just pathetic how everything went the way it did. Yes, they didn't give me an ultimatum to leave until March or June but I don't intend to stay short-term knowing I'd still have to go eventually, I might as well just leave as soon as possible. They're still squeezing money off of me no matter what actions I take, and the longer I stay, the longer this frustration continues. It baffles my mind to no extent, and I blame nothing but the Olympics event for all of this. Not that they're the ones to blame, but only because it grievously causes ripples of misfortune to innocent people who are within its boundaries where it should not overstep.

And I was the one person who was months ago so proud of this place, only to be shoved away like a non-contributing zero of the population, divided only by money and circumstance and of ulterior motives by corporate greed ultimately caught unawares.

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