Long walks ahead, heigh-ho!

The choices are as follows:
  • Hadrian's Wall Path (84 miles)
  • The Pennine Way (255/258 miles)
  • Southwest Coast Path (628.5 miles) -- Holy shit!
  • Glyndwr's Way (134 miles)
Hadrian's Wall Path would suffice for now, if only for the time to consume. The Pennine Way is tempting, but logistically speaking still out of luck, perhaps after stealing a companion or two along the way. And I wouldn't want to be heading to Wales yet without Mioseon, who is far and away for the first time spending a week or two with visiting relatives. The ideal target would be the Southwest Coast Path, but for now one at a time.

The weather right now is just ripe for gallivanting. Plans for (mis)adventure are commencing as we speak.

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