A Gentle Molestation

Had I the words to say the things I want to say,
I want to ask the world for forgiveness.
For the air endures me and keeps me alive.
For the light that shines upon those that deserve only the dark.

But I digress. I find this self-pity humiliating.
I have been embarrassed by you and you and you.
Perhaps you too, even from the very first.
A man can say a man can only suffer for so much for far too long.
If I should be smited today from the very sky that domes me,
then I gladly accept without fear of retaliation.

But who will have the audacity and power
to smite me out of spite?
A mental construct borne from the fear
of the unknowable sight.
To besmirch the physical man from his emotional state
and trade its concept of fear with the image of this omnipotent being
is to betray the very foundation of man's consciousness verily.

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