Kurwa, or learning how to unlearn my learned leanings

I think it was the colour of her melon-shaped face that turned me completely off. She was so photogenic though. When she -- a stranger to me back then -- had asked me whether or not she could stay at my place for a few days or so, who was I to say no? She had captivated me fully with a photograph, and all I could do was to submit my faith fully. Just this one time, I remember whispering to myself. And then never again.

But I was obviously lying to myself. There was another thing already lined up even before this transaction with a stranger was finalised.

There she was, standing in a corner, waiting for me. The first thing that I had noticed was her hair. It was unkempt, sort of untidy, very unlike the one in her photograph. Did she deceive me? was my initial reaction. When I had glanced at her face for the first time, she seemed totally different than was expected and yet somehow still uncannily familiar.

She looked exactly like the woman that I had shared intimate time with exclusively on a webcam a long time ago. My mind would not register this anomaly properly. It was difficult for me then to take this person seriously, if only for the most mundane of reasons.

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