Wherever there is shape, there is a memory, and, wherever there is memory, there is also both love and hate.

Little did she know that the moment she walked into the door she had submitted herself at the mercy of his manipulative ways. What remained of her freedom was outed as a mere illusion and her future rests in his inability to organise his own. She was as helpless as tofu is alternative to pork. She could not have foreseen the error of her ways so soon.

Well, she learned now and learned she did.

Whenever he used her body as if it was a tool of possession used only to be discarded again and again, she would always turn a blind eye. She had convinced herself that her soul was loosely detached from the physical aspect of her being, and that whatever cruelty and violence he inflicted upon her sexuality would only be but a scratch to the core of her humanity. He was not a thoroughly deplorable person, and she at times found herself at the other end of a blissful climax as well as falling into the disappointment of not being able to fully satisfy their own. The mechanics of the body is a cruel thing.

Once he had inserted a finger so deep up his cunt she would squeal expletives in surprisingly rapid succession in her own native tongue. He was a neophyte, unskilled in the ways of pleasure, selfish and ignorant, lonely by tenfold. His erection would disappear as fast as it had triggered, and she would labour for hours on end sucking and humping and hoping to titillate this numb shell of a man.

He would ejaculate even before you give his cock a chance to stand erect. She would lie down beside him in bed, in total defeat, on the verge of tears, but without giving him the satisfaction of witnessing the frustration. She would sleep soundly a few minutes later, only to be awoken an hour or two afterwards when he would all of a sudden catch an erection, piercing her entire femininity at the stroke of his whim catching her unawares.

And yet, she offered no complaints and fucked him good for a few minutes, before falling back to sleep after ejaculating in one position or two. She would kiss him good night, and hug him tightly, before knocking herself unconscious bathing in his sweat.

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