Sunday, 25 January 2015


So many places to go, the problem is where to stay.


I know some people here, but just acquaintances. I'll be damned if I can contact them in any way. 


Back and there again?


Sabrina wouldn't be there. She'd have to be in South Korea by then. I would love to though, just not sure if it would be worth it.

Northern Ireland

New land, new people, legal stay. Far away from all the shit.

South Korea

Too expensive to go and too far. I'd have people to help me though. Would really love to go back, just not for the same reason as the last time.


Last resort. Work would come easier though.

Thursday, 8 January 2015


I've seen the lights, I've seen the stars
I've seen the moon, I've healed my scars;
I've seen love, I'm prone to hate
I've seen all these things just dissipate;
I've probably seen more than I need to
I've probably eaten more than I could chew;
I'll die tomorrow if that's what it takes
I'll die today if it dulls my mistakes.

Tragic lethargic

It's been awhile since I've allowed myself this feeling,
Allow someone else to decide my heart to start beating.
But sometimes I think to myself, a cigar is just a cigar;
One look, and I fear that all these just for a new scar.

Why do I let these temptations dwell inside me then?

Search and destroy